About Carol And Divorce Mediation

Mindful Negotiator — Experienced Mediator

The qualities that most people seek in a divorce mediator include experience, honesty and a mindful 
ability to promote open communication between parties involved in divorce or separation.

Attorney Carol F. Delzer is a highly experienced divorce lawyer and a family law specialist certified by the California State Bar. Using her extensive experience as an attorney and a certified family law specialist, she now acts as a divorce mediator. In that role, she is a neutral third party who assists in mediating discussions about divorce, legal separation and custody issues. Carol F. Delzer is the founder and owner of Family Law Center, A Professional Corporation, in Sacramento.

Ms. Delzer’s track record is lengthy and robust. In addition to her qualifications as a certified family law specialist, she is a licensed family marriage therapist and a licensed real estate broker in California. She is widely recognized for her legal abilities, her skillful tactics in mediating divorce and custody cases, and her speaking engagements. Current and past clients boast about the level of service she provides, both as an attorney and a mediator.

You can read what professionals are saying and about her book on her publications page. See Carol’s full biography at the link below.

To schedule your first consultation with Carol, please call 916-488-5088 or contact her online. She lives in Sacramento and accepts cases throughout the surrounding California communities.