Mediating Issues Concerning Asset And Debt Division

Divorce mediation often helps spouses arrive at a more timely, cost-effective agreement. This includes reaching an agreement with regard to asset and property division. Property division is often one of the most contentious issues in divorce, but if you are able to come to agreement through mediation or collaboration, you can avoid having to deal with property division in court.87410719F131

Attorney Carol F. Delzer is a certified divorce mediator who handles mediation cases involving all aspects of divorce, including property division and child custody. As a certified family law specialist and licensed family marriage therapist, she provides unique insight into mediating cases as a neutral third party.

She offers clients a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially concerning asset and debt division. Ms. Delzer has been a licensed real estate broker in California for more than 30 years and a practicing divorce lawyer for more than 20 years. She is highly knowledgeable of property division laws, which is helpful when mediating issues involving separate and community property.

Divorce Consulting

Ms. Delzer also does divorce consulting, providing advice for people who need assistance in selecting an asset and debt division lawyer. In her tenure advocating for clients, she has worked on high-asset divorce cases involving large estates, significant assets and businesses. Now as a mediator, she can provide pointed advice on choosing the right lawyer for your case.

Please contact Carol to schedule an appointment to discuss her mediation services by calling 916-426-9538. She is located in Sacramento and accepts cases throughout the surrounding areas.