Child Custody Mediation

There are many benefits to resolving disputes or legal issues in a neutral environment. For issues that involve children, the benefits are even greater. Carol F. Delzer is a certified mediator and experienced attorney who handles child custody mediation cases in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

Having handled more than 1,000 divorce mediation cases, she offers a wealth of experience. She is a family law specialist certified by the State Bar of California and a certified family marriage therapist. Ms. Delzer has a well-earned, unwavering reputation among both her peers and adversaries.

Child Custody Mediation Process And Benefits

Mediation sessions are confidential, private sessions where parents can talk openly about their children and their children’s future. This includes discussions on child custody, time-sharing, parenting plans and issues concerning holidays/summer schedules. Once an agreement is met, a child custody mediation lawyer can help prepare a binding written agreement.

Carol Delzer’s experience as a divorce lawyer for more than 20 years is highly beneficial to her mediation clients. They appreciate the straightforward, practical approach she takes when mediating a case and the level of knowledge she brings.

Learn more about Carol’s speaking engagements and publications and read testimonialsfrom current and past clients. To schedule your first consultation to discuss child custody mediation, call 916-426-9538 or schedule an appointment online.