“Priceless Info about Divorce Options”
This is an excellent book for anyone contemplating a divorce. The real-life examples make this valuable information easy to understand and explain how divorce can be done respectfully. Chapter 9 contains priceless information to the public about the divorce options of which people are often not aware.
~ Hal D. Bartholomew, Collaborative Attorney-Mediator, Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML)

​”Can be the Best Gift for You and Your Children”
Divorce Done Easier can be the best gift you give yourself and your children to guide you through this life-changing event. Divorce can be so painful. However, this book can serve as a trusted friend to guide you through a respectful process that will help you heal the pain while learning skills for greater joy instead of bitterness.
~ Jane Nelsen, EdD, author and co-author of the Positive Discipline Series

“Emerge [from Divorce] Wiser, Less Battered & More Appreciative”
Carol Delzer has charted a sensitive, compassionate and effective way for people who are divorcing to not only survive their divorce, but emerge wiser, less battered and more appreciative of their lives. She has provided guidance through what could otherwise be a destructive and more painful process.
~ Gary Friedman, Attorney-Mediator, Author of A Guide to Divorce Mediation and Challenging Conflict; Cofounder and Trainer for Center for Understanding in Conflict

“Navigate Divorce in a Respectful Way”
Divorce Done Easier by Carol Delzer is a must-read guide for anyone going through a divorce. It shows in clear, direct language the process of divorce and how to navigate it in a way that is respectful to your needs, the needs of your spouse and those of your children. The author is trained as both an attorney and a therapist and is able to guide you through the legal and emotional hurdles that often turn divorce into a protracted legal nightmare. You will find this book invaluable.
~ John O’Neal, MD, author of Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology

“Accessible, Empathetic Book”
Carol Delzer has written a very accessible, empathetic book on a process that usually feels maze-like and downright inhumane. As she demonstrated with her first two books, Collaborative Co-parenting and Positive Discipline for Single Parents, it’s as though you’re chatting with a trusted (but firm) friend who wants to open doors and minds. Divorce Done Easier could easily be subtitled, “Let’s be Grownups, Just This Once.” It’s a comprehensive, thoughtful work and I strongly recommend it.
~ Ed Goldman, Daily columnist, Sacramento Business Journal

“If Only This Book Had Been Available During My Divorce…”
Combining her years of experience as a therapist and attorney, Carol Delzer has written the most important book available on how to go through a difficult divorce in the most elegant way possible. If only this book and Carol’s advice had been available during my divorce, it would have been better for the two of us, the kids, and our bank account.
~ Patrick McCallum, Legislative Advocate for higher education and community colleges; founder of College and Corporate Brain Trust

“Hands-on Practical, Mindfulness-based Approach”
I highly recommend Carol Delzer’s new book Divorce Done Easier for all couples contemplating a divorce. In this book, Carol presents a hands-on practical, mindfulness-based approach to managing emotions, reactions and responses during divorce. She doesn’t promise a stress-free path but she does predict a more peaceful and satisfactory outcome and future for anyone who chooses to follow the exercises in her book. As a Collaborative Divorce coach and Child Specialist, I will definitely be asking my clients to put these exercises into action throughout the course of the divorce proceedings.
~ DeniDeutsch Marshall, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Divorce Coach and Child Specialist

“Excellent Combination of Legal and Mental Health Supportive Info”
This book is comprehensive, holistic, and a culmination of sage wisdom and practical healing advice. It will motivate recovery as it is an excellent combination of legal and mental health supportive information. These real life illustrations will protect the kids and set the stage for movement and growth. I have found Carol’s Collaborative Co-parenting to be so helpful with clients, they tend to “skip ahead”and read it all when their homework was just week 1 and 2. I look forward to adding this work to my present practice.
~ Timothy B. Rood, MA, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Divorce Coach and Child Specialist

“Transition through [Divorce] with Less Distress”
​This book is a gift to anyone facing divorce! Carol Delzer has written a comprehensive primer about the divorce process and if you followed her suggestions, you can transition through this tumultuous life-changing event with less distress. Carol lives her life mindfully. I am grateful she is my colleague.
~ Linda Tell, RN, Marriage Family Therapist, Child Specialist and Divorce Coach

“Filled with a Wealth of Knowledge and Practical Tools”
Carol has written a book that will be extremely helpful for anyone going through a divorce. This book is a treasure filled with a wealth of knowledge and practical tools that people can use to make their divorce process more humane and less adversarial. Throughout the book, there are valuable tips and exercises to help the reader deal with change, communication, conflict and co-parenting. Divorce Done Easier is great information for people going through a divorce as well as family and friends who care about them.
~ Betsey Williams, Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, Collaborative Coach and Child Specialist

“​Should be Required Reading in Every Divorce”
This book should be required reading in every divorce. Carol uses her expertise to clearly explain the legal process options and ways to grow through the real-life changes that divorce brings. This book includes essential strategies-about strong emotions, taking responsibility and effective communication-that can immediately help anyone make better decisions for a healthy future.
~ Kate Byrnes, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Divorce Coach

“A Must Read for Those Committed to Divorce”
From my perspective as a practicing family law attorney of over twenty years, this book is a must read-not only for those who may be considering divorce, but for those who have already committed to divorce. Carol Delzer helps readers understand the emotional processes that often lead to the decision to divorce and helps to identify and manage those processes. Readers will understand the transformational opportunities open to them with the insights from an experienced family law attorney and therapist, and will have the tools, communication techniques, and legal insights to help them through a difficult process; as well as alternatives to move through the divorce process in a respectful, cost-efficient, and less emotionally harmful manner.
~ Mark Johannessen, JD, CFLS, Attorney-Mediator